Sonny Osio

Senior Pastor

Sonny Osio


My Name is Aggeo III Calixto Sonny Osio. I know that is a long name and, my first name can be a bit difficult to pronounce so I go by my third name, Sonny. I am an extremely blessed man. I am married to a beautiful woman, named Roberta. We have been happily married since August 9th of 2003. We have been blessed with two healthy and energetic boys, Josiah and Jonathan. In addition, we have been blessed with our little princess, Gabriella. 

I love my God and I have resolved in my heart to commit my life to proclaiming His name in all the earth! As someone once said, "It is my goal to know God and make Him known." That is my aim. I take great pleasure in shepherding this church family, Belen. This family has been a blessing to my life and I pray we can be a blessing to your life as well. 

There are many things I enjoy and love doing. I love loving my family. I take great joy in leading them in the ways of the Lord and teaching my children God's Word. I enjoy and love dating my wife and caring for her. She is a true blessing to my life. I enjoy marrying people and ministering to married couples. I enjoy reading. Additionally, I enjoy outdoor sports and practically anything with a little compitetion. Lastly, I also enjoy eating, that's why I'm Baptist (just kidding). 

I completed a B.A. degree in Biblical/Theological studies at Baptist University of the Americas in May 2005. I have started my masters in divinity but, I still have a ways to go. I am praying for an opportunity to continue in the near future.